The super extreme power STRETCH FILM for demanding applications.

Our new Stretch film 3 -series is the most appropriate super power film for every
medium-high application. It is focused in applications such as paper industries, wood,
metal industries, food industry, with semi automatic or automatic wrapping machines,
with PPS that can achieve 150% up to 300% of pre-stretch ratio so the final result is a
very stable pallet with very good holding force.

The main advantages of our film which is supplied from 10-30mi is the high stretchability that allows us to have good holding force on the pallet .

Secondary properties such as dart drop, tear resistance give us a very good wapping
sequence without any problems of holes .

Low noise during applications and strong attitude is main characteristics of this film.
We can secure the minimum on the holes during the stretch wrapping application as
the puncture and tear resistance of the film gives very good properties during the
wrapping sequence.

The stable curve of the force applied during application allows us to use this film
between 120%-300% having equal force on the pallet, that means we can achieve a
secure pallet using the same film on different stretch ratio.