The past years no-one was considering that packaging will be so important for the transport safety.Now days the good pallet stability is a must !!!! The European Union has applied new legislations and has issued new norms for the pallet stability as a very important parameter for Load Security and Transport safety.

All industries should ask and reach for companies that can evaluate the pallet stability and be sure that their packaging can reach the minimum regulations of the E.U.

Denelavas company has applied new audits that are improving the stability by measuring the forces in live time into the facilities of the clients .We measure all the parameters and taking into consideration the primary and secondary packaging , the analysis is very deep as we need to know how this packaging influences the total stability.Then we give instructions how the industry can improve the packaging (better stacking, inner layers , better secondary packaging , better machinery or improvements Iin the current).

We in Denelavas are always available for audits all over Europe so we improve the pallet stability and be more SAFE in European Roads.