GOLD Packaging Award for its Stability Control & Evaluation Center (Packaging Center)

Another honor award for DENELPACK S.A this year.

On 07/07/2022, the PACKAGING AWARDS 2022 event took place.  The event was held in Athens and organized by BOUSSIAS Communication services ltd.

Denelpack S.A. was once again privileged to receive the GOLD Packaging Award for its Stability Control & Evaluation Center (Packaging Center).

The nomination of this award is another recognition of DENELPACK’s S.A effort in providing a reliable and scientifically documented holistic approach to packaging issues through high added value products and corresponding support services.

“The personnel of DENELPACK S.A promise to continue working so that the safety of the cargo, the contribution to the circular economy and sustainability, are the mission of our company”, stressed upon receiving the award on behalf of DENELPACK S.A, the Plant Manager Mr. Miltiadis-Evangelos Tsolakis

The Packaging Center of DENELPACK S.A. is located and operates in the company’s production unit in Ipato, Thiva Greece. It is a state-of-the-art packaging control center, the only one in Greece, and one of the 3 in Europe. The Packaging Center is an investment by DENELPACK S.A of €500,000 related to special laboratory testing equipment.

At the center, the holding forces exerted on a pallet during the wrapping of the stretch film are measured in real time and the resulting force profiles are analyzed.

Then through the special acceleration platform, Bench Accelerator, the stability status of the pallet is simulated when it is on a truck’s platform and subjected to possible different accelerations from 0.2g to 0.8g (e.g. sudden braking).

The resulting data is then analyzed and correlated with respect to both type of stretch film and its wrapping pattern applied around the pallet.

The scientific personnel of the laboratory issues a report and an Attestation letter that quantitatively refers to the stability of the pallet, while proposing with a special study the optimal use of stretch film type.

All the equipment used and methodology followed is according to EUMOS 40509 directive.