Denelpack S.A had the honor to host Nestle’s S.A at “Packaging College Day”

On Tuesday 21st of June Denelpack S.A had the honor to host Nestle’s S.A “Packaging College Day”

Nestle’s 36 Packaging Experts coming from 10 European Countries such as Check Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and U.K had the opportunity to receive an extensive factory tour at the production premises of Denelpack S.A in Ipato Thiva Greece.

The tour included Denelpack production and warehouse facilities, as well as the Packaging Center & Quality Lab.

The Packaging experts were informed in detail for more than 2 hours, on issues related to the production process of the stretch film, the lab control methods employed by Denelpack S.A for ensuring quality products and most importantly the evaluation of the pallet stability in Denelpack’s Packaging Center.

After the factory tour, the 36 participants had the chance to discuss during brunch, general issues about PCR stretch films, Stretch film and Sustainability issues, and how Denelpack S.A can contribute in designing Neutral Climate World.