Better future for all; ours and next generations.

Our vision is to produce high quality products that helps our clients to use them in their own application that is the most appropriate for them. This is why our people analyze all the key factors before we proceed to our final proposal and above all our Packaging Center is always at the disposal of our clients to Audit their packaging.

Less consumption, less plastic per packaging ,maximum security of the load , this is what we are aiming for .


Less cost ,better packaging , happy customers.

We in Denelpack care about packaging and our mission is to help our customers to improve their packaging minimizing  the packaging cost but improving the stability of their pallet  by using and analyzing on site all the necessary  factors .

Less cost ,better packaging , happy customers and above all; is that we care about packaging .



Dear partners,


Our company DENELAVAS SA (DENELPACK) which has been developed consistently since 1998 in the Greek market, is a leading and reliable supplier of packaging materials, especially in the field of strong demanding Stretch film market for wrapping pallets (Distributors of Manuli Stretch and Mima Films). We implemented our new investing plan by acquiring a full production line for Stretch film and R&D PACKAGING CENTER, in Thiva Greece, addressed in Ipato Thesi Kokkinia 32200, in a factory consisting from 2900 m² modern facilities with 20.000 m² storeroom. The brand new production line with the most updated characteristics along with the quality control station, guarantee the high quality of products.


The experience and the know-how of our people in combination with the large variety of our product portfolio, along with the high technology of the most updated European production line, can guarantee excellent hi-end product based into your real needs, in terms of ensuring the desired secureness and robustness of your pallet packaging until the end of its destination.


Simultaneously, we are pleased to announce in addition the starting of production cling film for food industry, free of PVC, in order to guarantee the hygiene of foods are directly in touch with the film.


We look forward to expand our synergies and cooperation with our existing clientele, same time we seek new partnerships, we contemplate the future with long prospects and we enhance the production base of our country.


Years Experience


Happy Customers